What Others Have to Say

Michelle – “From this program, I finally viewed myself as a leader. Reading through each section, seeing how it related to ALL areas that I try to fulfill and maintain with my own team gave me the confidence that I am on the right path and now have been able to really hone in on those skills and tools to grow even more myself but help others grow as leaders too. This program gave me the confidence and validation I was seeking to move forward to what is and can be while working to overcome hurdles instead of settling and being “stuck”. I would love my whole team to do this program, it’s applicable to all areas of life not just business!”
Kim – “This program taught me to be brave, to be myself, take risks and be a leader. I learned how to ask open ended questions, use my intuition and treat my business like a business. I now feel that I have more confidence in myself and the ability to instill confidence in others. This 12 week journey helped me to affirm “my why”. Eric is a true inspiration and I enjoyed working with such an amazing person and alongside the ladies on our team.”
Mary – “Downline Leadership was a tipping point for me in my business. I needed to up my game, I needed to be *more* and I just didn’t know how. This course was a place for me to reflect, to stretch, to grow. It was a safe place for me to talk about challenges and figure out how to face them in a better way next time round. It was a place for me to be challenged myself and to have an opportunity to see things from a different perspective. Eric is a treasure and has a real gift. He can coach you in a way that helps you do the growing. A way that helps you see what it is you’re missing and how to apply it to your life and your business. This course should be a must-do for everyone, regardless of your position in life, regardless of your position in your business, and regardless of your personality type. There is something for you, a gem, a golden nugget, just waiting for you to find it. If you’re ready to elevate your game and just need a helping hand, or if you have some serious blocks you need to get over, this is for you. Just do it. You won’t regret it.”
Chris – “Leadership, like many skills in life is not one that is acquired by chance, or by luck. It is a skill that you have to work on, and practice to get better at. In business, effective leadership is an amazing asset, and I have learned to be a more effective leader from the Downline Leadership training. Eric challenged our group every single week to critically analyze ourselves and our actions, and also provided valuable feedback to help us grow. The small group format is an amazing way to develop leadership skills and help others do the same. There is no value I could put on what I took from the Downline Leadership program, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to grow their leadership skills.”
Rachel – “I am so glad I decided to do this class. After the first 2 week of going through the course, I felt like such a failure as a leader and wanted to drop out of the course. Man am I glad I stuck with it! Eric has an amazing skill for this class! I not only grew as a leader but in so many other aspects of life! Even my husband noticed changes in the way I was doing things! I feel after taking this course, I have so many values as a leader that I may have never learned! I feel that I can better help my team and educate them on how to be great leaders.”
Britney – “Am I a leader? At the beginning of this series I was asked if I thought I was a leader. My answer was no, I had no confidence, I didn’t trust myself and I didn’t know how to express the passion for what I was selling and believed in. Over these past 12 weeks I have learned so much about myself personally and professionally, I have learned my intuition is key to my success. I have learned I am a leader, I am strong, I am brave and I am worthy of being my own business woman. I can now take the confidence I gained through this course to grow my business and be the successful entrepreneur I knew I could be. Thank you Eric for pouring into my heart and into my life and giving me a piece that I have been missing in myself!”
Denise – “This training has been a game changer for me and for my business. I literally tried things I never thought I would. I feel like a person who started out to build a house but only had a screwdriver. Now I feel like I have a blueprint and an entire tool set and I can really create something. I implemented a new idea for the people in my downline this week based directly on information I learned in this class. I have attended workshops for my secular job in the past and left feeling like I gained nothing. Not so this class. You definitely walk away with the tools you need to build and lead.”
Marlo (who took the class on her own, and then took it again with her team) “The first time around I was lost as a leader as far as believing in myself and working towards a certain endpoint – I feel like I found a path I could take with this program to find it. The second time around with my team – I found new inspiration in taking leadership to another level. Beyond helping myself and looking out into the future once again with a completely different viewpoint. It feels like when I started my biz group and was filled with enthusiasm.”
Joan – “I have learned SO much and I’m excited to start putting it into action! I’ve put bits & pieces into action already, but can’t wait to really put the skills in play. I can say that it definitely caused me to COMMIT to action items – I felt that I was letting myself down, and everyone else in the group, if I did not complete the items that I assigned to myself – especially since they were self assigned! I love having those action items and others to be accountable too! If any, what changes might you propose for the program? You are so good at moderating – and a bunch of women, go YOU! I don’t know that I’d change anything – it flowed well, I loved the culmination with Legacy, such a great way to wrap it all up. Really appreciate the time you’ve put into this and have gained MUCH! Thank you!”
Libby – “I went into the program with zero expectations, and I came out inspired, energized and equipped to lead my team! I realized I love to coach. I see clearly that goals need action and hard work. Fear can be overcome. And most importantly, I realized that I AM a capable leader.”
Angelia – “Before I took Eric’s course, I did not feel like a leader. I was a silver ranked leader because of stacks that had been placed under me, but I didn’t look at myself the way I did “real leaders.” Eric helped me discover how I could be myself and lead at the same time. I identified things that hindered me (mainly false perceptions of what it means to be a leader) and learned how to overcome my obstacles. Now I’ve started a core team and am on my way to team growth! I’m so grateful for the Downline Leadership Course!”