The Downline Leadership

Downline Leadership is a leadership development program delivered to small groups in a coaching environment. The primary focus is on leadership skills with a secondary focus on personal development. The strategy is to help you to increase your own leadership and to also help you develop your leaders.

Each group has 5-6 people who meet weekly for 60-75 minutes for 10 weeks. The groups are conducted using the Zoom videoconference tool. The group reads a chapter per week prior to the meeting from the book “Downline Leadership”. During the meeting the Coach doesn’t re-teach the material, the Coach asks questions of the group to see how they would apply what they read/learned and we discuss the challenges they are having with their leadership and their teams. Each week they have action items to report back on and each week we have a Storyteller who shares a challenge they are having and we ask open-ended coaching questions to help the Storyteller figure out their own challenge. Life changing.

The price is $400/person ($600/person for Platinum/Diamond groups) for the 10 weeks, payable in 2 payments. What we do with the oils is so important that we want to help leaders not just manage their business, but lead their teams!

The program is challenging, but not hard. It’s fun, but with a serious side. And you will become close with 5 other leaders as you help each other grow.

Let us know if you are interested and if you have a group of people you would like to go through the program with, or if you want to join a group that is forming.

The Benefit to YOU!

  • Become go-to Leaders
  • Increase the success of your business
  • Learn to be more self-aware, more empathetic, more caring, better listeners, great coaches, and super leaders of people!
  • Improve the relationships on your team and with your customers
  • Maximize knowledge retention through cooperative learning, weekly coaching, and post-program support.