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Julie Gutierrez – Bio

As the founder of Life Designs Coaching, Julie Gutierrez is a John Maxwell certified coach, trainer and speaker.  With coaching and training experience that spans more than a decade, Julie brings a unique perspective to each coaching encounter.  

Julie’s first business endeavors began in 2000 as the owner and executive director of a successful medical transcription company.  Since then, she has designed and implemented business strategies and engaged in coaching for companies such as Paul Mitchell, The School and Physician’s Healthcare Network, as well as several banks and churches. She has also facilitated leadership trainings as a guest lecturer at colleges, and most recently in a direct selling field that utilizes multilevel marketing strategies.  Julie has sat on the board for several non-profit organizations, and has helped counsel and develop programs for woman and children at risk under Bridge Builders Counseling & Mentoring of Port Huron, Michigan.  An accomplished teacher, Julie’s imaginative and personable style of coaching has seen success at venues large and small; from the conference room table of the corporate office, to large scale speaking engagements, to the kitchen table working one-on-one.         

In 2014, Julie was facing challenging health issues.  These health issues lead to a new door of opportunity as she discovered essential oils and watched her health issues change to wellness success stories. With this motivation in mind, she joined the Young Living team, rising quickly to the rank of Gold.  

 With great achievement seen in each area of engagement, Julie’s insight and coaching weren’t simply taught and certified, but began in her own journey of growth and betterment.  As a woman of integrity and victory, Julie is also a wife, mother and true friend who brings the ability to see beauty and possibility into each circumstance she encounters. Julie has a deep desire to see individuals, organizations and company’s function in fullness and success.  An asset to each company she has known, Julie’s coaching comes straight from the heart of personal experience and is accompanied by a high level of training, which together offers a unique, yet profitable perspective that is valuable and rare.

Customer Testimonials

Julie has been an exceptional teacher to me. Her kindness, willingness to share her own experiences and wisdom while listening closely, are all qualities that I’ve learned from. Beyond that, as a leader she has always tried to help everyone in the group become a better version of themselves rather than trying to mold us to her perspective. Her constant support has been invaluable.

Julie is a highly insightful coach and a great leader. She listens to each of us in the Downline Leadership Principles Training Course and asks us pinpointed open-ended questions to help us get to the next level. I interact better with my upline and downline thanks to her. Our team now works together beautifully supporting each other and helping each other …get to the next level. I pay attention to what people say. I no longer tell them how to fix their problems, I listen to what they have say and ask them open ended questions so they can figure how to fix things for themselves.