Group Coaching

Group Coaching is the core of what we do! As trained and certified Coaches we lead small groups in discussion and exercises designed specifically to grow your leadership. Following the Downline Leadership book, the group goes on a 10-week journey of leadership discovery, where every participant has floor time every meeting.

The book, Downline Leadership, contains fundamental leadership principles. When the group gets together for their weekly session, we don’t reteach the material. Instead we engage together to share our insight into the book and leadership principles, ask open-ended questions of each other, and challenge each other to grow. The magic happens in the meeting!

At the end of each meeting, each participant assigns themselves an action item that is important for them to complete and usually has a leadership component to it. If the reading is foundational, and the magic happens in the meeting, the learning happens during the week after the meeting when the group members go after their action items and apply what they have heard, read, and learned!