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Customer Testimonials

“Eric has been facilitating weekly leadership training discussions with the leaders on my team. I have witnessed multiple examples of teammate growth (including me) directly related to our weekly discussions. I sincerely appreciate his commitment to growing leaders at Insight.  I want to thank Eric for taking the time and energy to provide leadership training to the Services Support Operations management team. He’s dedicated many hours (20 sessions over several months) to preparing the sessions, and does a fabulous job in leading them. He draws out the participants to share real-life examples and summarize what we all can learn from this to apply to our role as managers. Thanks, Eric!”
Tania Ondrejka, Director Services Support, Insight

“Having the mastermind group has really helped me with learning from other leader’s experiences and knowledge. Being with a group of people who really care about developing their leadership, creates an excitement and energy within myself.  Having a safe environment where I can share my strengths and opportunities about my leadership was an amazing experience.  This material taught me the importance of creating a legacy with my leadership that will impact people after their time with me. They become a better person through me.  I learned to make decisions with a leadership point of view.”

Marissa Fowler, University of Phoenix


“We all want to become better leaders but unless you focus on it, it is not going to happen.  Taking “Becoming a Person of Influence” really makes you focus on growing your leadership skills.  The format of the class where you study one topic per week keeps leadership top of mind.  Reading the book gives you more insight into tools to utilize to become a better leader.  Participating in weekly meetings enables you to learn from your peers and the leader of the training, Eric Walton, as you talk about applying what is written in the book.   This class has made me hold myself accountable to a higher standard of leadership because part of each week is spent learning about how to lead by influencing others.”
Lynn Richwine, Manager of Services, Insight
 “I have known Eric for over 15 years. During the past year he has become my trusted coach and has been instrumental in helping me establish new goals and objectives for my career. His innate ability to listen and ask questions that are thought provoking have made a real difference. I would highly recommend Eric to others that are looking for assistance with re-kick starting their career or looking to develop or improve their leadership skills. He has much to offer and can truly bring out the best in any person or team he works with. At the end of the day, Eric cares about people and that’s what makes him a great coach!”
Michele Riley, Field Marketing Manager, Mitel
 “As a leadership coach, Eric has a unique ability to assist leaders in raising their leadership IQ and ceiling. By using thought provoking questions, Eric creates an environment where leaders can step away from their current business issues and focus on internally identifying solutions that align with correct leadership principles.”
Dustin Rigler, Director, University of Phoenix
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to lead the “Becoming a Person of Influence” training program.  It has been one of the more enjoyable trainings in which to participate.  One of the things I really liked about the book itself, was how simple it was to relate the concepts to both my work and personal life.  In addition, your guidance and motivation made it easy to contribute to the weekly session.  Thanks again for taking the time to help us all continue to grow.  I wish you much luck in your “Building Up Leaders” adventure.
Pam Quade, Sr. Manager, Insight
Thank you for opening my eyes to many new ideas and affirming many that I have.  I relish the thought of becoming a better leader, and moreover, at this stage in my life, to reproduce leaders.
Shari Rogers, Manager, Insight
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