Leadership versus Management

Both Leadership and Management are necessary for the successful firm.  BUT, they are not the same.  At Building up Leaders we are all about raising the Leadership lid of your team.

If you want your firm, your leaders, and your team to go to the next level, then you must invest in their leadership skills.

Here are a few differences between Leaders and Managers:

  • Leaders are focused on people and potential, Manager’s are focused on process and policy.
  • Leaders are people who do the right thing, Manager’s are people who do things right.
  • Leaders innovate, Manager’s administrate.
  • Leaders develop, Manager’s maintain.
  • Leaders empower, Manager’s delegate.
  • Leaders look to serve their team, Manager’s look to be served by the systems.
  • Leaders listen to the emotion and heart of the person, Manager’s hear the facts and data of the situation.
  • Leaders address the whole person, Manager’s address the role.
  • Leaders coach for improvements in people, Manager’s coach for process improvement.
  • A Leader’s agenda is to serve others, Manager’s expect others to serve the company agenda.
  • Leaders are proactive, Manager’s are reactive.
  • Leaders make the position, Manager’s rely upon it.
  • Leaders give to the team, Manager’s give to the process and methodologies.
  • Leaders work toward significance, Manager’s work towards compliance.
  • Leaders can change direction, Manager’s are usually constrained by their systems and processes to go new directions.
  • Leaders develop leaders, Manager’s develop employees.
  • Leaders are intuitive, Manager’s are perceptive.
  • Leaders focus on people’s strengths, Manager’s focus on people’s weaknesses.
  • Leaders treat individuals differently, Manager’s treat individuals the same.
  • Leaders invest time in others, Manager’s spend time with others.
  • Leaders grow by multiplication, Manager’s grow by addition.
  • Leaders impact people beyond their reach, Manager’s impact only people they touch.
  • Leaders ask questions, Manager’s give answers
  • Leaders focus on learning, Manager’s focus on training
  • Leaders build careers, Manager’s create jobs
  • Leaders influence, Manager’s direct
  • Leaders focus on support and teamwork, Manager’s focus on rules and policies
  • Leadership is an attitude, Management is a role
  • Leaders are focused on the future, Manager’s are focused on the “now”
  • Leaders take a breath, Managers hold their breath
  • Leaders work on important tasks, Managers work on urgent tasks

There are many fine training materials available to help improve the tactical management skills of a Manager, and we encourage you to seek those out.  We focus on Leadership.


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